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       Anhui Zhongma Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd has its own website now. Welcome to our website to have a look at our latest products. Our main website information has been finished, but needs to be improved. We have professional person in charge of this and the perfection work will be completed in the shortest term

      Anhui Zhongma Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd, specializes in the development and manufacturing of PP stoppers and butyl rubber stoppers for big transfusion, antibiotics and freeze-drying preparation. We have imported lots of advanced equipment andtechnology software and recruited talents, to make our product technology and quality reach advanced domestic level, to make our company a good base of developing and producing medicine rubber stoppers with excellent technology, products, management and benefit so as to meet both domestic and international pharmaceutical market demand and revitalize local economy. 
      Our enterprise spirit is "quality first, service first, scientific management". We are trying to make contribution to the development of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging industry by widely attracting talents, strengthening product R&D and improving the enterprise's competition. 
      Anhui Zhongma Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd is located in Quanjiao economic development zone, Anhui province with convenient transportation and beautiful environment, covering an area of 53 acres, among which the green coverage is 20 acres and the construction area is 15000 square meters.
     The registered capital is RMB15 million and total investment is RMB 60 million. Now we have 300 employers including 250 production personnel,   30 technical staff, accounting for 10% of total staff and 20 quality inspection persons, accounting for 8% of production personnel. The workshop and purifying engineering were designed and constructed by wuxi purification installation company according to “pharmaceutical industry workshop design specification ", we organize clean production on the basis of industry characteristic and GMP requirements; The production area are 10,000 square meters, purification area are 6,000 square meters, including 2800 square meters of vulcanization workshop(300,000 purification level), 1500 square meters of trimming process(100,000 level), 1100 square meters of cleaning(100,000 level) and 600 square meters of packaging (Overall 10000level local 100 level ). Also there are raw material warehouse (1000 square meters), finished products warehouse(1,500 square meters) and central lab (800 meters), operating persons are separated from running machines for workshop layout.
     For our Phase 1 project , we have over 50 production equipment like machines for mixing refining, separating refining, cooling, vacuum bypass, punching, sieving, water process and rubber stoppers auto-cleaning. After all the completion, the annual production capacity of rubber stoppers will be 1500 million pieces. Also,the clean workshop can accommodate more than 10 equipment, then the annual capacity can be increased to 2500 million pieces. Mixing is cooled by mandatory cooling line so as to improve the stability of rubber compound. Sulfuration equipment is large plate vulcanizing machine, outside the clean area by partition, load and unload mould at the back of the equipment, so working condition has been greatly improved. For rubber stopper cleaning, we use high-power automatic cleaner, making one completion line of precleaning, spraying, rinsing, siliconization, drying and sterilization. For inspection equipment, there are particles instruments, ultraviolet photometer, vacuum drying oven, constant temperature drying oven, conductivity meter, High-pressure steam sterilization apparatus, sealing equipment, refrigerator, constant temperature water-bath pot, drying oven, high-temperature resistance furnace, hardness tester, PH tester, vulcameter, electronic tension meter, puncture device, analytical balance, whirlpool type vibration analyzer, mixer, the dust particles calculator and clean work platform, to meet product index detection, process inspection and product experiment requirements and lay a good foundation for the production of high-quality products.

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Halogenated Butyl rubber stoppers for
Freeze-drying preparation
Prefilling injectors
TEFLON/FEP/PTFE coated butyl rubber stoppers
PP Rubber stoppers
Medicinal rubber products
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Anhui Zhongma Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd
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